Welcome to Chris Self's Perfectly Natural website!

I am excited to finally have a place to share some of my favorite images. Being an Austin resident and native of the beautiful Texas Hill Country provides many photo opportunities. Through years of never leaving the house without my camera, I've been able to capture many picturesque moments on film. In memory of my father, Charles Wright, Sr. and the love of nature and photography that we shared, I lovingly recall those occasions when we found ourselves in the "Light Place at the Wright Time".

I hope you'll relax and make yourself comfortable while I share my life with you, one frame at a time. The slide show on the Gallery Show page provides an opportunity to view the landscape photographs I chose for my premier at Aralyn Hughes' Two-Legged Fiesta Gallery in 2008.

My life has provided exposure to a delightful variety of experiences. If you want to get to know me a little better, visiting the Photo Albums page will give you a glimpse into a few of my life's captured moments. All of my images are available for purchase through the quality services of Julie Fox at Fotomechanic.com. For pricing information, please click here.

I hope you enjoyed your stay. Like my life, the Photo Albums and this Perfectly Natural website will continue to grow and change over time. I'm sure you'll always feel right at home, so again - I'm so glad you stopped by.  Please feel free to come back any time.

Cho-Ku-Rei  ~   The Power Symbol

Cho = Connect the

Ku = Power, Energy with

Rei = The Soul, The Universe, The Unity

In other words  'Let all the power of the Universe be here' or 'God is here'